How to wear a mask correctly?Answer the 4 questions that parents care about most.
COVID-19 broke out across the world. What everyone cares about most is how to protect themselves and their families and children. Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to stay away from the virus. I believe that many parents also care about how to make their children wear a mask correctly.
Here below 4 questions that parents care about most:
Q1: Can’t buy N95, are ordinary masks useful?
Q2: Many people abandoned masks to boil with boiling water first, is it true?
Q3: How old children wear masks?
Q3: And how to wear them? Most mothers are concerned about it?
Hope this article will give you some useful information. Let your children know how to protect themselves properly during COVID-19.
What if I can’t buy N95?
Now I heard that N95 masks are already difficult to buy. What about ordinary masks? Is it protective?
Academician Zhong Nanshan said in an interview with CCTV reporters: It is not necessary to wear N95 masks for prevention. General masks, including surgical masks, etc. can also block most of the virus stuck to the droplets from entering the respiratory tract.
The principle of masks for preventing diseases is actually very simple, in order to block the droplets of germs in the air.
The requirements for material and filterability are not so high. Although the disposable sterile medical mask is very cheap, the barrier effect is not much different from the expensive N95 mask. It is not necessary to wear N95 if you are not in the epidemic area and are not in close contact with the patient.
How to wear a mask correctly for a child?
In general, it is not recommended for babies under 3 years old to wear a mask. The child’s respiratory system is not fully developed and it is easy to be stuffy. And when wearing a mask, the baby feels uncomfortable and easily resists. Older babies can choose a suitable age mask, which must be fitted to the face to play a protective role.
However, in this special period, if you must go out (such as going to the hospital when you are sick), 1-year-old children can wear masks.
In addition, how to wear a mask, these steps show the child carefully:
Step1: Wash your hands before wearing
Step2: Grasp the lanyard on both sides, put it on your chin
Step3: Adjust the ear rope to a comfortable position
Step4: Press the metal strip on the nose to ensure that the nose and chin fit snugly
However, the Simimom has to stress again, the best way to avoid the infection of the child is still not to go out during this time, to reduce direct contact with the crowd. earing a mask is really a last resort.
How to remove the mask correctly?
Points to note: Do not touch the outside of the mask.
When removing the mask, take it off with both ear rope. Never touch the position in front of the mask with your hands (probably there will be droplets with germs).
Ordinary medical surgical masks are disposable and need to be replaced after 2 to 4 hours. In special cases, if masks are really scarce, you can extend the time appropriately. However, when the mask is wet with exhaled gas, or is damaged or leaks, it must be replaced.
N95 masks can be worn repeatedly. Different brands and models can accumulate different lengths of time. Some can accumulate 40 hours, while others can be replaced after 12 hours. For details, see the instructions on the mask packaging. However, the N95 mask is easy to be stuffy, and it is best to take it off for about 2 hours and take a rest.
If there is a special situation when wearing a mask, such as when you are wearing the mask and you need to face the plane, you need to recognize the face. At this time, you can take off the mask briefly (holding the ear rope to hold it in your hand or put it in a clean bag), Put it back on after security.
After using the mask, if it cannot be discarded, for the time being, don’t put it in the pocket directly, it is best to put it in a clean bag (don’t touch the outside of the mask when installing), and then put it in the pocket.
As for How to discard masks Correctly, follow our next article《How to avoid the hidden dangers caused by the wrong way of discarding masks?》

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